Lazy, Scared and Overwhelmed

Festive edition


What a year! Let's end on a high.


End of year get-togethers are difficult when you manage a distributed team. 

So what better way of uniting everyone than through a shared understanding of why we are "Lazy, Scared and Overwhelmed"?

Our customers. Our suppliers. Our colleagues and stakeholders.

We rely on fast thinking, avoid things that seem risky and get confused by too many options.

Once your team know the secrets of human wiring, they can better influence themselves and others to take action. 

Customers to buy. Colleagues to contribute. Stakeholders to agree.


Enough about the smarts, what about the laughs?

It's the end of the year - a very BIG and difficult year -  so let's not get too heavy!

Bri's festive presentation is a fun 15 minute romp through the funniest (but most revealing) behavioural science.

Your team will come away energised and enlightened, and ready to crack into the new year.

We'll cover curiosities like:

  • What sort of music gets us to buy wine and how traffic noise sells more insurance
  • Why you should brainstorm in a barn
  • Why tennis umpires wear sneakers..and why this matters for you

Normally Bri's sessions are $4,000-$6,000, but for merriment's sake the festive edition is only $1.5k + GST.

You get:

  • Live interactive 15 minute Zoom presentation from Bri 
  • Unlimited participants - invite as many of your team as you wish
  • 30 minute phone briefing call so Bri can understand your business
  • 30 minute IT/audio check so everything runs perfectly on the day


Ready to proceed? Call Bri on 0408 392 173 and let's schedule some fun!

Ellie Quinti


I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the presentation yesterday! It was so fab and I've had incredible feedback from the team - especially on how useful the framework is! Thank you for being so engaging over video conference - we were so impressed, and I hope I get to work with you again soon.