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Make your team even more amazing 

Influencing Action Course and Coaching Program

How we make your team (even more) amazing


Two main frustrations your team struggle with:

  • Getting others to do something - customers to buy, colleagues to contribute, stakeholders to decide; and
  • Getting themselves to do something - try new things, meet deadlines, work with others. 

Influencing Action is about giving your team the skills to impact results more effectively without having to work harder.

Using behavioural science to do what they already do, but get better outcomes.



Timeline for course and coaching

Chris Simpson

VeriSmart Avon Ltd

Having been through the Bri Williams Influencing Action with Behavioural Science course and invaluable coaching sessions, I feel able to recommend it to anyone wishing to influence the behaviour of their customers, staff and stakeholders. Bri is a pleasure to work with and the bite-size modules she provides are entertaining, highly relevant and most of all FUN!

Structure of the program


There are two critical components to transforming your team's ability to influence action: 

  1. Content and
  2. Coaching

Content is about up-skilling them in cutting-edge behavioural science.
Coaching is about ensuring they have the confidence to apply their new knowledge in everyday business situations.

Your roadmap to amazing performance

Performance improvement
Performance improvement
Timeline for course and coaching

Let Bri design a package for you

So that we can work out whether the course is right for your team and ensure it delivers what you need, call Bri on 0408 392 173 or click below to email her directly.

Yes Bri! Get my team Influencing Action