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Influencing Action for Organisations

Online Course + Coaching Program

How Influencing Action for Organisations works

Each of your team members is invited to take the Influencing Action with Behavioural Science course (overview here) on their own within a specified timeframe (we usually give them two weeks to complete the 5 modules).

Then, to ensure they use what they learn, we follow the course with 3 x 60 minute group coaching sessions in which Bri helps your team apply behavioural techniques to their everyday work.

This builds their confidence and opens conversation up across the team so they can support and learn from each other.

Three benefits beyond the standard course

Here's a little secret. Influencing Action was actually designed for use within organisations!  

While it is available to micro businesses and solo practitioners, there are three significant benefits in rolling it out for your team.

  1. Welcome pack: Bri records a video specifically for your organisation to introduce the course to the team and get them excited and ready to hit the ground running;
  2. Bonus resources: Each member of your team who participates gets a soft copy of both The Little Book of Behavioural Economics and The Little Book of Letters and Emails; and
  3. Coaching: So your team embed what they've learned, Bri leads them through 3 x 60 minute group coaching sessions via Zoom (max. 5 people each group so they get individual attention).


Timeline for course and coaching

Let Bri design a package for you

So that we can work out whether the course is right for your team and ensure it delivers what you need, call Bri on 0408 392 173 or click below to email her directly.

Yes Bri! Get my team Influencing Action

Chris Simpson

VeriSmart Avon Ltd

Having been through the Bri Williams Influencing Action with Behavioural Science course and invaluable coaching sessions, I feel able to recommend it to anyone wishing to influence the behaviour of their customers, staff and stakeholders. Bri is a pleasure to work with and the bite-size modules she provides are entertaining, highly relevant and most of all FUN!