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Business effectiveness

Influence customer, staff, supplier and stakeholder behaviour

What makes people do what you want them to?



Making behaviour happen

If you are in business, you are in the business of influencing behaviour.

But that's not always easy.

Getting people to do what you want is probably the number one frustration in most businesses. 

  • Getting customers to buy, to click, to pay.
  • Getting staff to follow direction. Or be self-directed. Answer emails. Stop sending emails.
  • Getting suppliers to deliver on time, on your terms.
  • Getting stakeholders to listen to you, support you, contribute for you.

So why don't they do what you want them to?

I'll show you how behavioural science can help you influence people to take action.

Whatever the size of your business, or the industry you work in, get better results by knowing how humans are really wired to make decisions.

Two ways we can work together:

  • Training: Teaching you and/or your team to be more effective by applying science-based behavioural techniques 
  • Consulting: Identifying behavioural gaps in your organisation and implementing solutions



Speaking, presenting, facilitating

Public and in-house keynote presentations, seminars, and workshops, on stage and on screen.

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Coaching and mentoring

Build confidence in your behavioural techniques with one on one or group coaching.

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Books and online courses

Find the books no one else has thought to write and courses that will bring behavioural techniques to life for you.

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I'll inject behavioural expertise into your business, bringing a new dimension to a key issue or opportunity. It may include optimising your:

  • Key touch points  (e.g. on-boarding customers, retention, pricing, change program rollout) 
  • Website or App conversion optimisation
  • Collateral (e.g. letters, flyers, emails) with behavioural copywriting
  • Proposals, tenders and presentations 

There is no aspect of business that cannot be improved through behavioral science.

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Delia Timms

We engaged Bri to help us review our sales pitch when we launched a new business. Bri brought clarity, perspective and a strategic focus to our pitch. Her very calm, considered and thoughtful approach helped us refine the message to make it much more effective. Bri helped us understand the techniques, so we could tailor pitches correctly to different customers. This helped us secure some great leads and business. It was a pleasure to work with Bri and highly recommend her work!

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