How to improve your business

What’s getting in the way of people buying from you?

From clicking on your website? Completing a form? Investing, agreeing, choosing a product, paying your invoice...

Imagine how transformed your business would be if we improve the effectiveness of every possible point of contact you have with people?

Your pricing.
Your products.
Your marketing campaigns.
Your website.
Your customer service.
Your invoices.
Your emails.

It's all about micro-moments.



The success of your business comes down to what I call micro-moments.

Tiny moments where people either do what you want or they don’t.

They click or they don’t. They buy or they don’t.

Tiny moments of physical, financial or psychological friction that they feel, but can’t reveal.

Even if you ask them, they can’t tell you because it happens below conscious awareness.

So how do you solve a problem you can’t see?

That’s what I help with.

I know exactly what to look for. That’s my expertise. 

Seeing the hidden influences on behaviour and designing key moments in your business to move people the way you want them moved.

I believe it’s time you got better results. Do you?

How to improve your business, right now

Find and fix the gaps with a Behavioural Audit

I will conduct a behavioural effectiveness audit of your business (e.g. customer experience, website, copywriting, pricing), identify gaps and how to fix them. Contact Bri to discuss options.

D-I-Y with Just Do This

The pragmatic guide to running a behaviourally effective business. Just Do This is an online program of how-to videos, templates and tools that show you exactly how to use behavioural science to resolve common business issues. If you prefer to Do-it-Yourself, Just Do This is perfect for you. More about Just Do This.

Price optimisation

Knowing how to price products is the trickiest part of business. In a series of three structured sessions, I will help you clarify how you should price, including how to optimally communicate price points to motivate purchase.  Here's more about How to Price your Products.

Upskill your team

Up-skill your team in the techniques I use with my clients to make them your in-house behavioural experts. More about improving team performance.


Virtual and in-person, I deliver engaging and informative keynotes and seminars to enliven and inspire your team. More about speaking events

Books on using behavioural science in your business

If you prefer to read about applied behavioural techniques, I have a range of books you'll find useful, including Behavioural Economics for Business, The Little Book of Pricing and Payment and The How of Habits

Find all Bri's books in the shop.

Project based work

Have a project that could do with a behavioural influence overlay? I work with clients all the time on a variety of projects - new product development, business positioning, pricing projects, research projects, and communications delivery. Contact Bri to discuss your requirements.

Delia Timms

We engaged Bri to help us review our sales pitch when we launched a new business. Bri brought clarity, perspective and a strategic focus to our pitch. Her very calm, considered and thoughtful approach helped us refine the message to make it much more effective. Bri helped us understand the techniques, so we could tailor pitches correctly to different customers. This helped us secure some great leads and business. It was a pleasure to work with Bri and highly recommend her work!

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