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Why behavioural science?


It was Christmas 2008 and my brother gave me a book that would change my life.

The book crystallised why I had been experiencing a nagging irritation throughout my 15 year corporate career.

Why people get frustrated with their colleagues.

Why campaigns fail, why products flop.

Why life in business is harder than it needs to be.

It turns out, we've been doing it wrong.

Everything we've assumed about why and how to influence behaviour has been wrong. The result? Low conversion, wasted resources and unfulfilled staff.

That book put me on a course of action to start People Patterns, one of Australia's first consultancies to apply behavioural economics to everyday business and personal effectiveness, write my own books on the topic and work with small, medium and large businesses, across B2B, B2C and government sectors to make life easier.

As a CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology and a member of the Institute of Learning Professionals, since 2011 I have been using the smarts of behavioural science to deliver:

  • better conversion from sales and marketing activities 
  • greater influence over internal stakeholders and investors
  • the knowledge to make and break habits

The book, by the way, was Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. 

If you are ready to get the results you and your work deserves get in touch today.

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Bri Williams is The Behaviour Changer, one of Australia’s leading authorities on the science of decision-making. 

She specialises in consumer behaviour and habits, explaining why people do strange things.

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Bri's books make behavioural science easy to understand and apply.

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Bri works with clients of any size and industry, including government agencies, B2C, and B2B.

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Andrew L Parker

National Australia Bank

"Bri’s presentation ‘Lazy, Scared, Overwhelmed: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Customer’ at Mumbrella 360 was by far one of the most insightful and useful presentations of the conference."

Delia Timms

Founder, StylePass

"We engaged Bri to help us review our sales pitch when we launched a new business. Bri brought clarity, perspective and a strategic focus to our pitch. Her very calm, considered and thoughtful approach helped us refine the message to make it much more effective. Bri helped us understand the techniques, so we could tailor pitches correctly to different customers. This helped us secure some great leads and business. It was a pleasure to work with Bri and highly recommend her work!"

Peter Singer

Bond National

"In 30 years of business I have yet to meet someone with the insight of Bri, in helping understand how the client views your offering."

Melinda Everett

CPA Australia

"Bri Williams has spoken at a number of CPA Australia events over the years, Bri is a highly engaging and well researched presenter who demonstrates expert knowledge on the psychological drivers behind human behaviour. Bri has consistently received great reviews from our delegates and can easily cater her topics to a broad range of sessions to fit program requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Bri Williams as a presenter at your next event."

Steve Nailer

Secon Freight Logistics

"In the space of 90 minutes, Bri’s innovative ‘Website Effectiveness Behavioral Audit’ presentation has changed the thinking of our entire management team. We are now on the road to a more collaborative, intuitive and dynamic approach to not only our website, but to our entire marketing strategy. Thank-you Bri."

Tessa Pacitti

APR Creative

"Bri’s presentation ‘Lazy, Scared, Overwhelmed - Behavioural Economics and the Modern Customer’ at Mumbrella360 this week was incredibly insightful, thought provoking and entertaining. Bri delivered sage advice and practical tools that we can all implement immediately to better connect with our customers and maximise our marketing spend. Definitely a Mumbrella360 highlight for me!"

Sharlene Cohen

Surety Property

"Bri has always exceeded expectations and has never let me down. Her detail and quality of content and delivery are exceptional. I would highly recommend Bri if you want to think about your business differently and if you want to be an industry leader."

Maree Farnsworth

Nordic Academy

"Working with Bri over the past 3 months has been a very positive experience. We engaged her to help us clarify and focus our message and value proposition to our customers in order to increase sales, and this is what she has done. Her clear thinking, attention to detail, knowledge of buyer behaviour, thoughtfulness, care and commitment to our project impressed us greatly. In addition her professional manner and warmth as a person made the whole process of working together most enjoyable and stress-free. We will definitely be seeking Bri to work with us again."

Brett Van Duppen

Whitehorse City Council

"A calm and grounded presence with a very personable style, Bri delivered her presentation with sparkling clarity that offered simple and valuable solutions for all. Businesses and organisations across Australia and around the world would be well served in listening and applying Bri's insights to improve performance and effectiveness."

Lasie Nguyen

Monash Council

"Bri was invited to be a keynote speaker for the City of Monash's Women's Business Network event in August. Bri was gracious, fun and a fantastic presenter on website effectiveness and delivered many clear and concise examples for our business audience. Our attendees were fixated with her many examples and case studies and her matter-of-fact presentation and were left wanting more. Bri is a pleasure to work with and we could not recommend her enough."

Chris Ciardi


"Maxinet approached People Patterns to analyse our landing page, purely on the basis of Bri's blogs. In our initial contact, Bri so impressed me that we engaged her immediately. The report we received was comprehensive and clinical, and provided clear actions for us to work on. If you think you can do it yourself, think again."

Patrick Burtscher

Nordic Academy

"Bri is great at listening, understanding and then creating tailored solutions for business - she's definitely not a consultant that delivers a ‘one approach fits all' solution. Her creativity and copywriting skills combined with her commerce and sales focus are a terrific combination which produce tangible results. Anyone looking for an edge in their business would be smart to enlist Bri's services."