Accelerate your team's effectiveness

When I ask business leaders and managers what the toughest part of their job is, the answer is invariably “people”.

  • Making sure the people you have working for you are contributing in a way that you need them to.
  • Making sure your team members are on the same page, can problem solve for themselves, and can make smart decisions that work for you, the business and your customers.

But how?


Behaviour is the root cause


Everything your team deals with, everything they struggle with and get frustrated by, has a common cause.


The behaviour of customers.

The behaviour of colleagues.

The behaviour of stakeholders and suppliers.

And yes, their own behaviour. 

So if you are serious about getting them to a level where they can take charge, be proactive, communicate more effectively inside and outside the business and be able to dissect and resolve any challenge they come across, there’s only one thing you can do.

Make your team experts in influencing behaviour.

Experts in influencing themselves and others to take action.

Influencing a customer to buy.

Influencing a colleague to contribute.

Influencing themselves to embrace new ways of doing business.

Because ONLY when they know how humans really make decisions, will you be able to unleash the full potential of your team.

Development programs

Turn your team into influencing machines!


Life is busy. People want less to do, not more. 

That's why my training programs work on real-life challenges that your team are grappling with right now in their work.

The time they spend learning is time on their work.

Two birds, one stone.


In-house and public conferences

Virtual and in-person, Bri delivers engaging and informative keynotes and seminars to enliven and inspire your team. More about speaking events

Influencing Action for Organisations

Online program + coaching

3 month team development program for frontline and managerial staff. Includes intensive group and 1:1 coaching and online program. Here's more on Influencing Action for Organisations.

Leaders of Influence

Offsite + coaching + online program

12-month flagship leadership program to accelerate the leadership potential and authority of your leaders. Email Bri for more details.

Behavioural Bootcamp

Offsite in-person training

1 or 2 day in-house workshop on applied behavioural techniques with optional 1:1 and group coaching. Email Bri for more details.

Rob Engels

Director, Fifty Five 5

"Not only does Bri have an incredible depth of expertise, but she is able to share it in a clear and engaging way, replete with some wonderfully engaging anecdotes from the field."

Chris Simpson

VeriSmart Avon Ltd

"Having been through the Bri Williams Influencing Action with Behavioural Science course and invaluable coaching sessions, I feel able to recommend it to anyone wishing to influence the behaviour of their customers, staff and stakeholders. Bri is a pleasure to work with and the bite-size modules she provides are entertaining, highly relevant and most of all FUN!"

Charles Thomas

Digital Marketing Manager, Nominee for young Australian of the Year

"Bri is a fantastic communicator that is able to engage, educate and equip business professionals alike. Her breadth of knowledge and expertise in behavioural science is worth tapping into - highly recommend attending Bri’s workshops."