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"In 30 years of business I have yet to meet someone with the insight of Bri, in helping understand how the client views your offering."

Peter Singer
Bond National

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Bri has ideas. She likes to share them. Get in touch if you need an expert perspective on why people behave like they do, and what to do about it.

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Mastering everyday habits is a surefire way to get more out of life. Reach your potential by using natural wiring to advantage.

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Whether it's customers clicking a button or staff doing their work, everything in business relies on getting others to take action.

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Learn the science of behavioural influence with Bri's self-paced, fun and transformative online program, Influencing Action. 

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Learn exactly how to apply behavioural science to everyday business issues like writing an email, website design, gaining and retaining customers and getting paid on time. Become a Just Do This member and Bri will show you how.

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How do great presenters make great presentations? Talking Talks is Bri's interview series where she goes behind the scenes to reveal how to make the right kind of impact with your audience.

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