Amplify your personal effectiveness


Why don't you always do what you want to?

Sometimes it can be easy to forget we are in charge of our behaviour. We blame the environment, other people, our circumstances...but there is a smarter way.

By understanding how we are wired to think and behave we can shape better outcomes for ourselves and others. That means making our habits work for us, being more productive, and using our innate talents to more easily move through the world.

I'd like to help you do that.

Are YOU what's holding you back?


Whether you are a small business owner, work in a large organisation, or are simply someone seeking to get the most out of your skills and talents, I can help you understand what it really takes to change behaviour - your own or someone else’s. 

Why is this important?

Everything in life revolves around getting ourselves or others to take action.

Eat better, exercise, be more productive, nurture and navigate relationships...everything is about behaviour.

To be able to influence behaviour?

Now that is where magic happens.

So whether it’s one-on-one coaching in presentation or influencing skills, a self-paced course in how to influence action or books on habits or behavioural science, you’ll find a range of ways I can help you untap and achieve your full potential.

Training and self-development

Influencing Action

Online program + optional coaching

Gain greater cut-through and affect change by learning the science of influencing behaviour - your own or someone else's. More about Influencing ActionTM.

FREE program for Small Business Owners

Free online program

Turn curiosity about behavioural science into real business outcomes with this free online program. More about 10 Tweaks in 2 Weeks.

Presentation skills


Take your presentation skills to the next level. Bri will coach you on content development, design and delivery. More about presentation skills.


1:1 sessions with Bri

Work through work challenges or rewire your habits with one-on-one phone based coaching. More about coaching.

The How of Habits

Book (print, PDF and e-book)

When it comes to habits, the question is not why or what, but how.

In The How of Habits, Bri brings the best of behavioural science together to address:

  • why we have habits
  • common traps we fall into when trying to change
  • tricks we can use to make it easier, and
  • ways to bust the baddest of habits

More about the How of Habits.

Free habits inventory

This quick survey will help you clarify which habits may need your attention and provide tips along the way.  Your answers will be emailed to you for your records.

Maria Var Der Linden


I love the down to earth simplicity of The How of Habits, and the examples which you provide to make it easy to understand. I have got a lot out of it, it's a great tool for professionals & indeed everyone.

Julie Vella

Success Train

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your very thought provoking presentation. I bought my partner along, and we spent the next 2 hours over dinner discussing how we might set a path for changing habits in our relationship. I have also found I am questioning the way I have done things for almost 9 years in my business and have started the 66 day journey of a new habit. I highly recommend Bri as an ambassador of change to enable you or your business to identify how to start making new habits for a more rewarding life.

Brigid Walsh

GM, Golden Door Elysia

A snappy, practical and scientific guide, The How of Habits is a MUST read not only for the thousands of guests I meet every year who struggle with poor choices on a daily basis, but for anyone who is seeking to make and sustain positive changes in their life.