Be a great presenter

Craft a presentation with the right kind of impact using behavioural techniques.

As an experienced stage and online presenter and host of Talking Talks, Bri will coach you on all aspects of your presentation, including content and delivery.





About presentation skills coaching

Differentiate yourself and your message with techniques from behavioural science.

Move an audience to action and enjoy yourself in the process.

About Presentations Coaching: 

  • 1:1 coaching with Bri Williams
  • Start with 1x¬†60 minute session
  • Sessions are $290 each including GST.¬†
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Kati Whitledge

I was given the opportunity to speak at an industry conference. Right from the start Bri brainstormed the direction of my talk with me. She shared her foundational principles for delivering an inspiring talk--one that people would have an ah-ha moment in and take something tangible away. We began with the end in mind and that really helped me reframe my approach to presentations. If you are a speaker or working to get speaking opportunities, I highly recommend investing your time with Bri!