Influencing Action with Behavioural Science (Online course)



About Influencing Action


Course Outline

Including almost 3 hours of content, activities, templates and a members-only online community, Influencing Action is structured in bite-sized chunks across five modules.

Module 1 explains why we've been approaching behavioural influence in the wrong way (which is why some days feel SO frustrating!), and how to fill an important gap in our understanding of customer behaviour.

Module 2 delves into laziness. In other words, why the people we're trying to influence can't.  be.  bothered.

Module 3 covers an interesting paradox. We like the freedom to choose but then get overwhelmed by it.

Module 4 takes us into the murky world of fear. Why the people we're trying to influence are scared to do what we're asking and what to do to get them over the line.

Module 5 wraps things up. We peak behind the curtain of behavioural techniques and Bri reveals all her secrets!


Course objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify and overcome the three reasons people resist doing what you want them to
  • Explain how NOT to influence action
  • Explain what behavioural economics is and why it's important
  • Get people to build their own case for change
  • Embed behavioural techniques into your work life
  • Analyse and resolve any behavioural challenge

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You'll get:

3 hours of content over 5 modules

12 months unlimited access to content, templates and member-only online tools

Exclusive access to the Influencing Action Community

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More about what you get

  • 12 months unlimited personal use
  • 3 hours of content across 5 modules
  • 43 videos
  • 5 downloadable worksheets
  • 3 member-only online tools
  • 2 strategies to better engage customers
  • 4 ways to address effort
  • 4 ways to maximise reward
  • 3 reasons people get overwhelmed
  • 3 strategies to provide clarity
  • 7 ways we trigger fear
  • 2 strategies to address anxiety


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About your instructor

Influencing Action with Behavioural Science is designed and facilitated by behavioural specialist Bri Williams. A member of the Institute for Learning Professionals, Bri was one of the first in Australia to establish a consultancy specialising in the application of behavioural economics to business and personal effectiveness, and since 2011 has trained hundreds of people across large and small businesses in how to make life easier through behavioural science.