The How of Habits (book)

Using behavioural science to make and break habits

When it comes to habits, the question is not why or what, but how.

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About The How of Habits

In The How of Habits, I bring the best of behavioural science together to address:

  • why we have habits
  • common traps we fall into when trying to change
  • tricks we can use to make it easier, and
  • ways to bust the baddest of habits

The only book of its kind, The How of Habits gives you a step-by-step, easy to follow process that will help you take control of your habits. Self-guided worksheets include:

  • a process for making habits
  • a process for breaking habits
  • your habit plan

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Wendy F.


"Hi Bri, I just received your book. Amazing! EVERY one of us should have a copy. It can change easy to get into, so practical, so sensible."