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The pragmatic guide to running a behaviourally effective business.



About Just Do This

If you are short on time or simply want answers, Just Do This explains what to do to improve the effectiveness of your business and how to do it.

From optimising quotes, maximising cash flow, communicating price rises and decreasing service levels, to designing your website and crafting a value proposition, behavioural expert Bri Williams gives you pragmatic answers.

You get videos, articles, templates, examples, access to an online community and invites to Bri's "office hours".

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What's included:

1. Core content tackling common business issues

Just Do This includes videos, articles and templates across three modules:

  • Gaining customers 
  • Keeping customers
  • Operational issues

The content library is growing all the time, with new videos/tools/templates released every month.

2.  Direct access to Bri via:

  • 'Office hours' open discussions, where you can ask whatever you need to ask; and
  • An exclusive online community, moderated by me, where you can ask questions and share ideas. 

3. Templates and tools such as:

  • A Behavioural Audit you can do for your business to work out where the gaps are.
  • A Prioritisation Wizard to determine what projects are worth your time and resources.
  • Value Proposition drafting tool to help you clarify what your market needs to hear from you.
  • Scripting tool for Gaining customers
  • Scripting tool for Keeping customers
  • Scripting tool for Operational issues
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New content every month!

Just Do This is better than a book. It's alive!

That means it's designed to keep expanding as topics emerge. 

Is there something you are curious about that isn't yet covered? Let Bri know and it might end up being a new video or template.

Plus, as new discoveries are revealed in behavioural research, Bri can share these new ideas and answers with you.

Business is ever-changing, and so is Just Do This.


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Topics covered so far include...

Gaining Customers

  • How to present product options
  • Positioning images in an ad or webpage
  • Product orientation to make people click
  • How to communicate price
  • How digit directionality impacts pricing and discounts
  • How to optimise the impact of discounts
  • How to manage requests for free advice
  • How to maximise the conversion rate of verbal and written quotes
  • How to work out whether to charge for shipping
  • How to optimise your returns and satisfaction policies
  • How to design a behaviourally effective website
  • How to craft a compelling value proposition (includes an online drafting process)
  • Script generating tool for gaining customers


Keeping customers

  • How to upsell an existing customer
  • How to change your levels of service without losing customers
  • How to communicate price rises
  • Sample and example customer communications
  • Script generating tool for keeping customers


Operational issues

  • How to write effective letters and emails
  • The anatomy of effective letters and emails
  • How to optimise your productivity
  • How to optimise invoices to ensure you get paid
  • How to manage cashflow
  • Script generating tool for operational issues
  • How to identify gaps in your business (Behavioural audit)
  • How to prioritise projects (Prioritisation Wizard)


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Frequently Asked Questions

About your instructor

Just Do This  is designed and facilitated by behavioural specialist Bri Williams. A member of the Institute for Learning Professionals, Bri was one of the first in Australia to establish a consultancy specialising in the application of behavioural economics to business and personal effectiveness, and since 2011 has trained hundreds of people across large and small businesses in how to make life easier through behavioural science.