The Just Do This podcast

What it covers and how to listen

The Just Do This podcast covers...


...the same topics you can watch and read about in the online program but in audio format.

It means you can learn how to optimise your business with behavioural science anywhere, anytime.

Access is part of your Just Do This membership

If you stop being a member, you stop getting access to the podcast. 


How to access via podcast apps


There are two steps to accessing the podcast from your favourite app.

1. copying a link from an email and 2. pasting it in your podcast app.

We'll use Apple podcasts as an example.

1. Copy your private url link

The day you join Just Do This you will receive an email with your personal podcast access link. The email comes from a "Kajabi" address.

This link is specific to your Just Do This membership.

The email will look like this... 

2. Open your podcast app and paste link

Now you need to paste that link from step 1 into your favourite podcast app (e.g., Apple, Google, Overcast, Pocket Casts. Not Spotify though).

This is what's known as an RSS feed and that's what the link in the email is about.

Here's how to add it to Apple podcasts. Find instructions on other services here.

i. Open your podcast app. 

ii. From the Library, click the three dots (...)

iii. Select Follow a Show by url

iv. Paste the link from the email from Kajabi (as above in step 1) 

v. Start listening!

Click three dots (...) to Follow a Show by URL
Paste your personal link
Select episodes from the homepage