Move the Shampoo (book)

Quirky lessons in behavioural effectiveness

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About Move the Shampoo

Examples of behavioural effectiveness are all around - the position of a birdbath, how a floor is tiled, where a pedestrian crossing is placed, and even attempts to prevent public urination. The lessons are there, but sometimes we don't see them, let alone apply them to our businesses.‚Äč

In Move the Shampoo behavioural specialist Bri Williams introduces you to fourteen key lessons in behavioural effectiveness in a short and sharp 44 page guide.

You'll learn why influencing customer behaviour depends on:

  • Wearing tennis shoes
  • Guarding the potatoes
  • Positioning the birdbath 
  • Dropping the car keys 
  • Tiling the floor 
  • Taming the Time Lord
  • Unjamming the suitcase
  • Moving the shampoo and more!

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About the author

Move the Shampoo is another in the "little book" series by Behavioural Specialist Bri Williams. Bri was one of the first in Australia to establish a consultancy specialising in the application of Behavioural Economics to business and personal effectiveness, and since 2011 has worked with a range of large and small businesses on making life easier through behavioural science.