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Do what you do, just more effectively.

Everything in business is about getting people to act. Click, buy, choose, perform.

I'll show you how to use behavioural science to get better outcomes.


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"Bri Williams is the Linnaeus of human behaviour."

Rory Sutherland
Vice Chair of Ogilvy

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Hi I’m Bri Williams and I help with three things:

  • Your own effectiveness;
  • The effectiveness of your team; and
  • The effectiveness of your business.

Saving you time. Saving you effort. Saving you money.

How do I do it? Behavioural science.  The science of what makes people do what they do.



What are you looking to do today?

Make your business work harder for you

How small tweaks can dramatically improve your business, from how you design your invoices to effective copywriting and marketing campaigns, Bri can show you what changes to make for maximum impact. More on improving your organisation.

Help your team influence outcomes

Give your team the skills to influence more effectively in any situation. Not only will they be better and more proactive problem solvers, they'll be taught a common approach so everyone is (finally) on the same page. More on how to improve your team.

Master your habits and effectiveness

Get the most out of your skills and talents by understanding what it really takes to change behaviour - your own or someone else’s. More on improving your skills and habits.

"In 30 years of business I have yet to meet someone with the insight of Bri, in helping understand how the client views your offering."

Peter Singer
Bond National

Services for you

The Williams Behaviour Book

50 models to influence action

Bri's new book simplifies how to use behavioural science in business and in life, using engaging visual models and straightforward examples.

Have a look at the book

Live and virtual keynotes

Inject humour, warmth and insight into your next conference with Bri's engaging and transformative take on behavioural science. Named Nudgestock 2020's presenter of the year, Bri will add something special to your event.

 More about speaking events.

See Bri in action and find out more

Make things happen, get things done, influence action.

Learn the science of behavioural influence with Bri's self-paced, fun and transformative online program, Influencing Action. 

Master behavioural influence

Not sure what to do? Just do this.

Learn exactly how to apply behavioural science to everyday business issues like writing an email, website design, gaining and retaining customers and getting paid on time. Become a Just Do This member and Bri will show you how.

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