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In this section you'll find a selection of bios and headshots to choose from, along with Bri's dietary and AV/IT requirements.

Bri's Bio for Influencing Action talks

Bri Williams is one of Australia's leading authorities on behavioural influence. 

A CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology, Bri founded People Patterns in 2011, a specialist consultancy that helps businesses get staff, customers and stakeholders to take action. Prior to this she worked in finance, HR and product management for some of Australia's leading brands. 

A regular contributor to Smartcompany and host of Talking Talks, Bri has written multiple books including "The Williams Behaviour Book", "Behavioural Economics for Business" and "The How of Habits" and appears regularly as a presenter, panellist and media commentator.

Bri'sĀ professionalĀ title


Bri Williams, Behavioural Expert and Founder & CEO of People PatternsĀ 


Bri Williams, The Behaviour Changer

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AV and IT

Software and Hardware

Bri uses Apple iOS including Macbook. Slides are created in PowerPoint.

If your system is not compatible please let Bri know to Bri aĀ USB and/or share the presentation file prior to your event.


Bri prefers a lapel mic.


Depending on the session, Bri may request a large whiteboard and flipchart(s).


Dietary requirements

Bri follows aĀ plant based dietĀ and would appreciate catering without meat and dairy. Eggs are okay

Anything else?

If there's anything else you need to make your arrangements with Bri easier, just let her know.

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