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Talking Talks: Mastering the craft of presenting, with Luke Williams


In this episode of Talking Talks Bri Williams speaks with Luke Williams, professional speaker, professor of marketing and international best selling author. Luke specialises in disruptive innovation; how to spark transformation in your business.

We talk about where most speakers go wrong, how to hone the craft of presenting, when not to walk backwards and why Luke’s objective is to change what people talk about at lunchtime. He even shares six top tips for people seeking to evolve their performance.


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About Luke:

Luke Williams is an author, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expert.  "The real challenge is to work out how YOU can be the disruptive change." Luke Williams is a globally recognised authority on innovation strategy and leadership. He works with organisations on challenges ranging from creating new products and services, to transforming organisational processes and behaviours. 

He is Clinical Associate Professor of Innovation and Executive Director of the Berkley Entrepreneurship Center at New York University's Stern School of Business and a fellow at frog, one of the world's most influential innovation companies. 

Williams is a sought-after commentator on disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship and cultural change. He is invited to speak worldwide, and his views are regularly featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, GQ, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and MSNBC. 

He is the inventor of over fifty United States patents and the best-selling author of Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business. More about Luke: www.lukewilliams.com

About Talking Talks:

Talking Talks is a behind-the-scenes look at how world class speakers craft and deliver their presentations. A video series created and hosted by behavioural specialist Bri Williams, you'll hear from real-life public speakers about their approach to presenting.


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