Talking Talks: Cutting to the why?, with Dr. Sarah Glova


In this episode of Talking Talks Bri speaks with Dr. Sarah Glova.

We talk about the importance of a learning objective, how empathy underpins presentation design and delivery, co-facilitation in a virtual talk, use of silence and Sarah's unusual personality profile. Let's see if we can get #frogtalk trending!


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About Sarah:

Dr. Sarah Glova is the CEO of the award-winning digital media firm Reify Media. Sarah was 26 when she founded Reify, and she continues to be the sole owner of the self-funded, 10-year-old company. Reify Media serves major university, corporate, and nonprofit clients across the country, helping organisations educate and promote through digital media projects backed by sound instructional design principles.

An expert in technical communication, Sarah is known for translating complicated technical trends into authentic discussions for all skill levels. She speaks about technology trends, Smart City innovations, instructional technology, women in entrepreneurship, and more. She has facilitated training sessions from California to Qatar, with highlights like Connected World Summit in London, Smart Cities Connect in National Harbor, Select USA Summit in Washington DC, IoT Evolution in Florida, and many more. Her trademark skill is bringing tech trends and innovations to life with powerful and engaging storytelling.

Sarah is passionate about supporting women- and entrepreneur-focused organisations like the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO); she was the youngest President to lead NAWBO Greater Raleigh in the chapter’s 40-year history when she served from 2017-2018. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Innovate Raleigh, an organisation dedicated to making Raleigh one of the top five centers for innovation and entrepreneurship in the country, and is a founding Board Member for the North Carolina Women Business Owners Hall of Fame.

Sarah lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and their two sons. She’s a self-proclaimed book nerd, fairweather jogger, and hopeless coffee addict. You can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @SarahGlovaPhD.

About Talking Talks:
Talking Talks is a behind-the-scenes look at how world class speakers craft and deliver their presentations. A video series created and hosted by behavioural specialist Bri Williams, you'll hear from real-life public speakers about their approach to presenting.


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