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5 Petals



Back when I was in a corporate role, I received media training that I still draw upon. Literally.

It involved drawing a flower with five petals.

In the centre, you write your main point.

In each petal, a sub point that leads you to, or back to, the main point.

If you have to present in a meeting or in the media, it’s a tool I highly recommend.

I had the opportunity to describe this in a recent podcast on how to be a great podcast guest with Dr Sarah Glova. Sarah has a PhD in...

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Talking Talks: Cutting to the why?, with Dr. Sarah Glova


In this episode of Talking Talks Bri speaks with Dr. Sarah Glova.

We talk about the importance of a learning objective, how empathy underpins presentation design and delivery, co-facilitation in a virtual talk, use of silence and Sarah's unusual personality profile. Let's see if we can get #frogtalk trending!


- View Sarah in action:

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About Sarah:

Dr. Sarah Glova is the CEO of the...

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