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5 Petals



Back when I was in a corporate role, I received media training that I still draw upon. Literally.

It involved drawing a flower with five petals.

In the centre, you write your main point.

In each petal, a sub point that leads you to, or back to, the main point.

If you have to present in a meeting or in the media, it’s a tool I highly recommend.

I had the opportunity to describe this in a recent podcast on how to be a great podcast guest with Dr Sarah Glova. Sarah has a PhD in...

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Top 5 nudges to use right now


Nudges are all about subtly influencing behaviour. In this video, I talk through my top five principles from behavioural economics to apply to your business right now, to improve results.

You'll see examples from Twitter, eBay, Noom and others.

More about my Influencing Action course:

Additional Framing resources for you: -

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