Surely this only works on idiots?

Surprisingly, this is the type of comment I love.

"Surely this only works on idiots?" 😲

The comment was in response to a clip I'd posted about how decimals and commas elongate a number.

For example:





In the clip I show an ad promoting a $50k cash giveaway and make the point that it would have been more impressive (though less poetic) had they used $50,000.00.

It's known as Magnitude Representation (Coulter, Choi and Munroe, 2011).

So why do I love comments like that?

Because frankly, that would be my response, too.

If I didn't immerse myself in behavioural studies, I would also assume people make purely rational decisions and those that didn't were idiots.

And that's what's so revealing about behavioural science.

We are fallible decision makers. But predictable ones.

And that's who you should be designing comms, workplaces, products and experiences for.


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