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How to make a distributed team cohesive?

Are you part of a distributed team? Perhaps you manage one?

It's new language, isn't it, distributed team? It means that colleagues who work together, don't physically work together. They're scattered around the state, the country, the world.

It's not quite the same as "remote work", where you and your colleagues might work remotely from your office some or all the time, but there is still a central office.

For distributed teams, there is no central office so everyone works remotely.

How to galvanise and energise a remote team?

Lots has been written about the pros and cons of distributed and remote teams (there's largely upside if managed well), so I want to dial straight into a big issue leaders face.

How to get your people on the same page?

It was difficult enough when everyone was physically together, but how do you ensure this gaggle of individuals think and act cohesively?

Oh, and forget the policy manual. No one reads those.

You need something they can use on the fly, when they're in the heat of a decision, a meeting, or customer interaction.

Something that maximises the precious time you spend together and crystallises asynchronous exchanges, too.

Something that gives them guardrails AND autonomy so they don't need to chase you for answers.

What's the something?

A method for understanding and resolving any work challenge they'll face.

A method so easy to understand you'll hear your team speak with a common language almost immediately.

A method you can use at the start of meetings to focus the discussion with 4 simple questions that will clarify exactly what you need to do.

Interested to find out more? Email Bri and I'll share what the most switched on companies are doing.

Hint: It has everything to do with the behavioural science of influencing action.


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