Talking Talks: Speaker evolution with Sam Tatam


What can an expert in evolutionary psychology tell us about presenting? Lots!

In this episode of Talking Talks Bri speaks with psychologist and head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy, Sam Tatam.

We talk about why everything is selling, why gaps are essential in your presentation (leave space in the mousetrap), why you should watch yourself on mute, maximising the pixels in a virtual presentation and similarities and differences between client work and keynotes. Oh, and why Sam wants people to think of him in the shower!

Please excuse the occasional "ping" along the way.


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About Sam:
Sam Tatam is a psychologist, Head of Behavioural Science at advertising agency Ogilvy, keynote speaker and author of the forthcoming "Evolutionary Ideas". From co-hosting the world's biggest online festival of behavioural science, Nudgestock, to presenting pitches and ideas to clients and taking centre stage as an expert on evolutionary behaviour, Sam is a deep thinker and insightful communicator. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

About Talking Talks:
Talking Talks is a behind-the-scenes look at how world class speakers craft and deliver their presentations. A video series created and hosted by behavioural specialist Bri Williams, you'll hear from real-life public speakers about their approach to presenting.


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