What should I do? Just do this...


It's a familiar question, but especially now.

What should I do?

  • What should I do about cash flow?
  • What should we do to increase sales conversion?
  • What should our value proposition be?
  • Should we have a returns policy?
  • How should we design our website?

Our days are riddled with these types of questions, which burn up higher level thinking and distract us from our 'why'.

So I wanted to help those who are short on time and simply want answers.

What should I do?

Just Do This

Just Do This is my new, pragmatic guide to running a behaviourally effective business.

It's an online toolkit full of instructional videos, templates and resources I've created across three major themes:

  • Gaining customers
  • Keeping customers
  • Operational issues

It's not an online course, so there are no assessments and there's no homework!

Instead it's about how to resolve common business issues, based on behavioural science.

More about Just Do This here.

Talking Talks

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I launched my YouTube interview series Talking Talks, where I speak with presenters about crafting and delivering their work.

I've had such a positive response so I'm very pleased to share another two interviews with you.

The first is with Dave McCaughan from Bibliosexual...and yes, he explains how he came up with that name. Dave has spoken at over 600 conferences and we talk about knowing what to leave OUT of a presentation.

And my second interview is with CEO of the Happiness Concierge and TEDx speaker, Rachel Service, in which we discuss how much of yourself to bring to stage.

I hope you find both Just Do This and Talking Talks useful.


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