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How to get customers to buy more of your range


If you’d like to get customers to buy more from you, here’s an idea.

Make use of the Completeness Bias - our desire to complete something once we’ve started.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, for example.

An Italian vineyard was able to sell more across its range by matching wines to 5 stages of a dinner party.

But the best bit? 

They represented these stages as a jigsaw puzzle that needed to be completed.

This DOUBLED their sales. Instead of 4 out of every 10 customers buying multiple products, 8 out of 10 did.

👉 Help your customers imagine owning a complete set of your products and there’s a greater chance they will!

Ref: LMK Collect them all! Increasing product category cross-selling using the incompleteness effect. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 50(4), 713–741. 



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