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How to cross-sell using completion bias



What does a jigsaw puzzle have to do with selling?

Researchers successfully used visual representations of a jigsaw to sell more wine and more banking products.

We can encourage customers to buy more products across our range by changing the way we visually represent them.

In this video I explain: 

  • How to visually represent your product suite
  • What completion bias is and why it's so powerful
  • How an online retailer and bank used these techniques to drive sales 



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How to get customers to buy more of your range


If you’d like to get customers to buy more from you, here’s an idea.

Make use of the Completeness Bias - our desire to complete something once we’ve started.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, for example.

An Italian vineyard was able to sell more across its range by matching wines to 5 stages of a dinner party.

But the best bit? 

They represented these stages as a jigsaw puzzle that needed to be completed.

This DOUBLED their sales. Instead of 4 out of every 10 customers...

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