Talking behavioural science with my intern, Bora Ergor


It was an absolute delight to have Bora Ergor interning with me this year.

Bora is a very talented psychology student at the University of Strasbourg and together we worked across a range of assignments.

In this video Bora talks us through what his research unearthed as well as tips for people seeking to intern.

We cover what behavioural science says about:

  • How to optimise your online presenting presence and overcome Zoom fatigue
  • Framing  and use of language i.e. knowing exactly what to say
  • Prevention vs. promotion focus (e.g. is it better to say marriage counselling will help you "improve communication" or "avoid divorce"?, and 
  • Personality typing customers, and
  • Ethical considerations

Bora is a hugely thoughtful and humble person, and I highly recommend working with him if you can.

Connect with Bora on LinkedIn and let him know what you enjoyed most in this interview.


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