A load of BS

One of my favourite podcasts is A Load of BS, in which Daniel Ross talks with people within and adjacent to behavioural science community.

By adjacent, I mean Monty Python's John Cleese, for example, talking about creativity, and Dr Dimitri Xygalatas on rituals like body piercing and Nazi parades.

He's also interviewed advertising luminaries like Dave Trott and Sir Martin Sorrell, and behavioural science experts like Nir Eyal, Dilip Soman and Nina Mazar.

So I was rapt to be invited onto his show to share my ideas on using behavioural science in the real-world.

In our discussion we cover:

  • The surprising reason I wear funny hats and use other props
  • The implications of the music Daniel chose for his podcast (which is when I turned the tables on him)
  • My model for behavioural influence
  • Mistakes I've made in my work
  • Marginal gains and the problems I love solving
  • What the best communicators do
  • The simplicity paradox
  • Escaping an elephant in Botswana

Listen in and be sure to let Daniel (and me!) know if you enjoy the episode.


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