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100 days is the wrong target



A contestant on this year's series of Alone Australia, a show where the person who survives the longest alone in the wilderness wins, made a significant psychological error.

He said he was aiming for 100 days.

He should have aimed for 101.

In this clip I explain the thresholds that change behaviour, whether we're running a marathon, lifting weights or pricing products.

See whether you can work out why I think the Alone contestant should have aimed for 101 days.



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Secret thresholds that change behaviour


You are special. I know you are.

So am I, of course. There’s no one like me.

We think we’re unique, us humans. That no one sees the world quite like we do.

‘That may apply to other people’, we think, ‘but not me.’

But it doesn’t mean, as a species, we don’t follow patterns. That our behaviour isn’t predictable.

Case in point, we all tend to react to psychological thresholds.

Imagine you are running a marathon, for example....

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