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3 techniques in one tiny screen


I’m sure you know all about scarcity – the principle that people are more likely to act when time or stock is limited.

That's the first behavioural technique editing software VEED have used in this screen:

They’ve included a countdown to create a sense of urgency to sign up.

Because…and here’s the important second bit…if I don’t, my video will be deleted!

And that’s the second psychological principle they’ve used here: Loss Aversion.

We are more worried about losing something than gaining it.

In this case, I’m worried about my video being deleted.

Which brings us to the third principle: Sunk Cost Fallacy.

We’re particularly worried about losing something we’ve invested time, money or effort into.

In this case, creating my video!

When we combine these principles like VEED has - scarcity of time, loss aversion and sunk cost fallacy - we significantly increase the odds our customer will sign up. 

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