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Everybody thinks they can do your job. Nobody wants to.


When you work in HR, everyone thinks they can do your job.

But nobody wants to.

I’ve been in and around HR for most of my career, and witnessed time and again people saying it’s “an HR thing”.







Leadership behaviour.

Birthday cakes.


The challenge is that your most public facing work seems fun, easy, even trivial.

Yet behind the scenes a different type of work goes on. Deeply personal, life changing and confidential work.

So everyone thinks they can do your job. 

But no one wants to.

Because what can be more difficult to deal with than people? 

👉 Just because we’re human doesn’t mean we automatically know how to influence others of our kind.

Imagine, then, if you could change that.

Imagine skilling your HR team and by extension, your workforce, with the science of humaning. 

The science of working with and through others.

How transformative.




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