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Everybody thinks they can do your job. Nobody wants to.


When you work in HR, everyone thinks they can do your job.

But nobody wants to.

I’ve been in and around HR for most of my career, and witnessed time and again people saying it’s “an HR thing”.







Leadership behaviour.

Birthday cakes.


The challenge is that your most public facing work seems fun, easy, even trivial.

Yet behind the scenes a different type of work goes on. Deeply personal, life...

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Avoiding overcorrection when things get messy

I’ve been ruminating over the critical distinction between “letter of the law” and “spirit of the law” - the literal vs. the intent - because as we witness the world’s most powerful democracy floundering, it’s clear that the systems and institutions Americans have relied upon for their democracy to function have at least one striking flaw.

They are predicated on the assumption that those in power will do what’s best for their people - and that...

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