Here, use my toothbrush


Everyone has a toothbrush and no one wants to use someone else’s.

Just like ideas 💡.

It’s a major issue within organisations.

See if this sounds familiar.

You gather for an ‘all in’ brainstorming session.

Flip charts. Post-It Notes. Textas.

There’s a flurry of ideas.

You’re given a bit of time to flesh out your best idea and then, standing before your peers, present your work.

People nod along and say good things. 

Meanwhile, what they’re really thinking about is their upcoming presentation or the presentation they just gave.

As good as your idea may be, it’s YOUR idea.

Unless there’s a process within your session to transfer ownership, the bulk of ideas will wither and die.

👉 So the question is, how to move an idea from yours to ours?



See: Influencing Action for Organisations 



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