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Here, use my toothbrush


Everyone has a toothbrush and no one wants to use someone else’s.

Just like ideas .

It’s a major issue within organisations.

See if this sounds familiar.

You gather for an ‘all in’ brainstorming session.

Flip charts. Post-It Notes. Textas.

There’s a flurry of ideas.

You’re given a bit of time to flesh out your best idea and then, standing before your peers, present your work.

People nod along and say good things. 

Meanwhile, what they’re...

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Which digit do you want people to focus on?

Ending your price with “9” is a tidbit of pricing psychology that has entrenched itself in business folklore. 

Why? Because $1999 seems better than $2000, and $12.99 better than $13.

But why does it seem better?

It may have a lot to do with the direction the digit is pointing. You see, 9 points to the left, as does 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7.

5 and 6 are right-facing whereas 0 and 8 are centered.

This digit-directionality (Coulter, 2007) is yet another consideration when it...

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