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Behaviour under stress


Is your team getting increasingly frustrated with each other?

Are you finding your fuse is shorter than usual? You're self-medicating with booze or chocolate?

Perhaps your customers aren't answering your calls like they used to?


Behaviour under stress

Behaviour under stress is something we both witness and experience.

It shows up as sloppy and ineffective communications, overwhelm, procrastination, avoidance and anger.


How to course correct

So what can we do to course correct?

Come back to the fundamentals of human wiring.

By giving your team a shared understanding of how others make decisions, they will be able to cut to the chase much faster.

In other words, identify why they're not getting traction and solve the issue before it defeats them or gets to be your problem.

Plus, this shared understanding will more readily shift them from their own emotional (hot) state into the mindset of the person (or people) whom they are attempting to influence.

This closes what I call the "empathy gap". 


Personal control

Not only does understanding human wiring help us influence others, it puts us back in the driver's seat of our OWN reactions too.

Why? The empathy gap isn't only between ourselves and others.

We also have an empathy gap between ourselves in a hot state vs. ourselves in a cold state AND between our "now me" and "future me".

What does this all mean?

We gravitate to the impulsive needs of now (putting things off, eating indulgent food) while undermining our future health and performance.

While all these reactions are natural, they don't have to be habitual.

Managing Behaviour Under Stress

If what I've been talking about so far is resonating, you might be interested in more specifics about what to do?

It's a bigger topic than I can possibly cover in a blog like this, so I've decided to run a live online session on Friday 17th September..

A recording will be available, but only to members of my Influencing Action and Just Do This online programs who will get it for free. (They'll also get free access to the live event.)


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