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Why so much research is misleading


A tip when you are reading posts citing 'research' stats on what business leaders or consumers are doing.

Add "say they are" to most of the claims.

For example, "Nearly half of content marketers use AI to brainstorm new topics, and 46% use it to research headlines and keywords."

I'm guessing this stat is based on self-reported claims, so it should read: "Nearly half of content marketers SAY THEY use AI to brainstorm new topics, and 46% SAY THEY use it to research headlines and...

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Where thereโ€™s a wonโ€™t thereโ€™s a way

framing goals research Apr 14, 2021

Could telling yourself to do more of something be the worst thing you can do?

New research suggests so.

Framing your goal

We live in a world of more — of ‘shoulds’, particularly when it comes to wellbeing.

I should exercise more, save more, eat more healthily.

But maybe that pressure is backfiring on our ability to achieve our goals?

Researchers Tuk, Prokopec and Van den Bergh (2020) set out to see whether it would be more motivating to tell yourself “I’ll...

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