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Why so much research is misleading


A tip when you are reading posts citing 'research' stats on what business leaders or consumers are doing.

Add "say they are" to most of the claims.

For example, "Nearly half of content marketers use AI to brainstorm new topics, and 46% use it to research headlines and keywords."

I'm guessing this stat is based on self-reported claims, so it should read: "Nearly half of content marketers SAY THEY use AI to brainstorm new topics, and 46% SAY THEY use it to research headlines and...

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When you ask hypothetical questions, you get hypothetical answers.

So why do we so often rush to ask our customers what they will do? What they will like?

When we pose these hypotheticals, we set ourselves and our customers up for failure.

Because intention doesn’t always translate into action.

Say doesn’t mean do.

Stop asking what they will do. 

 Start watching what they do do.


See: Influencing Action

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Why asking customers can lead you astray

If I had to boil down the biggest problem businesses have, it would be this.

Listening to people.

I totally get it.

It's compelling when a customer tells you what would make them buy your product, a staff member tells you what would make them happier and more productive, or a stakeholder tells you what would make they sign off on your idea.

Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

We rush to send out employee engagement surveys and customer questionnaires. We run polls and focus...
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