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Find out how the great presenters do it

Talking Talks is a behind-the-scenes look at how world class speakers craft and deliver their presentations.

A video series created and hosted by behavioural specialist Bri Williams, you'll hear from real-life public speakers about their approach to presenting.

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Mastering the craft of presenting

Bri speaks with Luke Williams, professional speaker and author of "Disrupt!", about where most speakers go wrong, how to hone the craft of presenting, when not to walk backwards and why Luke’s objective is to change what people talk about at lunchtime. He even shares six top tips for people seeking to evolve their performance.

Full show notes available here.


Persuasive presentations

Bri speaks with Troy Andrews about why logically sequencing content isn't persuasive, why outcome is the first place to start, how storytelling is 22x more memorable than facts alone and how Troy's knowledge of craft beer helped win him a client.

Full show notes available here.


How to evolve as a speaker

Bri speaks with Sam Tatam talk about why everything is selling, why gaps are essential in your presentation (leave space in the mousetrap), why you should watch yourself on mute, maximising the pixels in a virtual presentation and similarities and differences between client work and keynotes. Oh, and why Sam wants people to think of him in the shower!

Full show notes available here.


Making your audience feel

Bri talks with stand-up comedian and behavioural scientist George Elerick about how human universals can connect us, why it's good to start with the end in mind, being an empathetic extrovert and huge fan of provocation, word choice and how to use behavioural science in presentations.

Full show notes available here.


Cutting to the 'why'

Bri talks with Dr Sarah Glova about the importance of a learning objective, how empathy underpins presentation design and delivery, co-facilitation in a virtual talk, use of silence and Sarah's unusual personality profile. Let's see if we can get #frogtalk trending!

Full show notes available here.


The power of pictures

Bri talks with Lynne Cazaly, award winning author and master facilitator about impactful visuals, holding engagement, how to use analogue and digital media to capture and refine ideas and why you should avoid PowerPoint.

Full show notes available here.


Being heard

Bri talks with Dr. Louise Mahler, award winning keynote speaker who specialises in vocal intelligence, trust and leadership. From structuring presentations and choosing who to bring on stage, to the perils of being "authentic", Louise has so many brilliant tips to share.

Full show notes available here.


The other secrets to great public speaking

Some presentations seem magical. Effortless. In this video Bri analyses Chris Anderson’s excellent talk on TED talks and reveals the hidden secrets to his great presentation. The ones he didn’t tell us about.

Full show notes available here.


How much of yourself to bring to stage

Bri speaks with Rachel Service, founder and CEO of The Happiness Concierge about how to contain emotion, who you are really there to serve, tricks to be "present", how to cue your audience before interaction, what sort of feedback to ask for.

Full show notes available here.


Knowing what to leave out

Bri speaks with Dave McCaughan, founder of storytelling and market research agency Bibliosexual about knowing what to leave out of a presentation, coming up with titles that stand out and why format can be more important than content.

Full show notes available here.


How to make dull topics interesting

Bri speaks with Christian Hunt, founder of Human-Risk, about why some titles can be terrible, whether you should finish with Q&A, differences between stage and virtual presentations and why Christian thinks PowerPoint "is the devil's work"!

Full show notes available here.


How to talk about uncomfortable things

Bri speaks with Anne Miles, founder of Suits and Sneakers about being yourself, the importance of practice and having contingencies, why "excellence is more important than perfection" and Anne's 10 minute process for content development.

Full show notes available here.


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