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Floorboards and carpet.

Wallpaper and paint.

Carbs and fat.

High waisted and low-rise.

Slow and fast.

Zig and zag.


There’s always a counterpoint.

Consumerism thrives on it. 

Once one end of the pendulum is saturated, it’s natural to swing back the other way.

So with AI flooding us with generic, derivative content,

with the volume of life getting louder,

 what’s your counterpoint?


See: Influencing Action

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How to get ahead of trends

Is the world moving more quickly, really?

I've been thinking a lot about the speed of change lately, largely because every book or podcast seems to lament how quickly things are moving and the challenge this poses in keeping up.

You've heard it too, no doubt. "Things were so much simpler 10, 20, 50 years ago".

Yes and no.

What if the pace of change is an illusion?

Like this. The image appears to be moving, but it's actually not.

Why we never get ahead of the curve

Where a lot of...

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