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When you eat a tomato from the supermarket it is unremarkable.Tasteless. Watery.

When you eat a homegrown tomato, it is vibrant. Sweet. Juicy.

It adds something to your day.

Guess which tomato most AI generated content reminds me of?

It takes more effort to grow your own, but goodness, what a payoff!

The future of work may be AI. Your future worth is not.

If you want to differentiate yourself and create real and sustainable value, you need to grow it yourself.


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What defines professional value


Famously, the microwave was meant to save us hours of labour. Before that, washing machines.

But guess what? Abhorring a vacuum, our time was filled.

Right now, the technology promising to save us hours is AI.

Lawyers, accountants, marketers, we can outsource our transactional work. And we are.

But what then?

Why will people want to work with you instead of AI?

What makes you different? Valuable?

People skills.

Your ability to engage, persuade, refuse, refute.

Imagine if instead of...

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Floorboards and carpet.

Wallpaper and paint.

Carbs and fat.

High waisted and low-rise.

Slow and fast.

Zig and zag.


There’s always a counterpoint.

Consumerism thrives on it. 

Once one end of the pendulum is saturated, it’s natural to swing back the other way.

So with AI flooding us with generic, derivative content,

with the volume of life getting louder,

 what’s your counterpoint?


See: Influencing Action

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What people pay attention to


I was updating my LinkedIn profile and was given the option for AI to rewrite it.

You’ve probably seen these AI integrations across a number of different platforms?

And to my delight, AI did an excellent job.

It covered all bases and flowed really nicely. (You can read for yourself it at the bottom of this post).

So I pressed publish.

But then I started to wonder, what is the point of my profile?

What am I trying to communicate BEYOND the words?

Because there were two problems...

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