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McDonalds salad


Healthy snacks in a vending machine can backfire, leading to more people choosing the unhealthy option.

This is an example of ‘vicarious goal fulfilment’, where doing a small thing makes us think we’ve done the big thing.

In this case, merely seeing the healthy option can be enough for us to indulge ourselves for our ‘good behaviour’.

McDonalds knows this. Sure, they have salads, but perhaps today you deserve the burger?

Vicarious goal fulfilment is...

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The 60% employee


You already know there are employees you are not getting the best out of.

What may surprise you is it’s not the lazy ones. It’s not the shirkers. The ‘all talk no walk’ types. You probably have a plan for them, or you should.

No, I’m talking about those conscientious, hard working members of your organisation that are doing good work, but they could be doing GREAT work. 

  These are your 60% employees.

I know this because I was a 60%...

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Why we stick with things too long (Focus on the sunk cost fallacy)


I was watching the popular TV series Lego Masters, and something one of the contestants said really got my attention.

Welcome to Focus On, a focus on a specific topic, business or issue for the month.

So what did she say that captured my attention?

“I’m just terrified I have spent this time building something that now won’t be used. I don’t want that to be wasted building time”.

This is the “sunk cost fallacy” - the predicament we find ourselves in...

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