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Behavioural black box


When trying to get people to respond to you, does it sometimes feel like this?

Things get lost in translation.

The email you write doesn’t get opened.

Your website doesn’t compel them to click.

Your pitch doesn’t convert.

Something strange happens between your message and their response.

The behavioural black box.

🔑 Imagine being given the keys to the box?

😮 Imagine seeing what’s inside.

✅ Imagine designing work that translates to the desired...

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Other people's meetings are a waste of time


Have you noticed that it’s only other people’s meetings that are a waste of time?

We lament having them, but we’re the ones calling them. Meetings are up 13% since the pandemic, largely due to distributed teams. 

There are lots of ideas about how to make meetings better, from having an agenda (rare) to limiting the number of attendees.

Here’s a reality check when it comes to meetings. 

  • People are often back-to-back in meetings, so the idea they will...
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Five realities of work


As author Liz Wiseman writes, there are five realities of working in an organisation.

  1. Messy problems
  2. Unclear objectives
  3. Unforeseen obstacles
  4. Moving targets
  5. Unrelenting demands

A small percentage of the burden you carry is actual workload – it’s the muck that comes along with it.

And in my experience, most of the muck involves people. 

Imagine then, having clarity about why people behave the way they do and how you can influence them for the better?

Imagine how...

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