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Time is a limited resource. 

Attention is a diminishing one.

As the world gets noisier, you will be defined by your ability to cut through.

If you can't get someone's attention, customers can't find you and colleagues ignore you.

That’s why I've spent the last two months deep diving on the science of attention: how to attract it, hold it, and use it to generate outcomes. 

I'm not mucking around – I've read over 2,000 pages of academic studies and waded through...

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Drawing attention to the wrong thing


A painting has been in the news recently.

Gina Reinhart, one of Australia’s wealthiest people, has petitioned the National Gallery of Australia to have the work removed.

Perversely, her request has generated so much media attention that many more people have seen the Vincent Namatjira painting than would have otherwise.

Barbra Streisand knows this all too well.

In 2003 she took legal action to remove an aerial image of her property from the twelve thousand other properties on...

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Gaining, maintaining and directing attention

Let’s talk about why I love this ad. 

Tweeted by @Karminker, I love this ad for the following reasons.

It’s true. The missing tooth absolutely wins focus and supports the importance of dental care.

It surprises. What looks like a boring ad is actually clever and witty.

It makes you experience your own information processing blind spots. Yes, the first thing we see is the smile, not the missing eyebrow.

And that’s what I want to talk about today - gaining, directing and...

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