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Overlooked, overwatered, overwhelmed


When an indoor plant is struggling, our instinct is to give it more water.

But that can drown the plant, making it worse.

Some managers are like this, and far too many sales people.

They can tell the person they are engaging with is struggling, but they keep talking anyway.

They share more advice or more information, which only adds to overwhelm.

Overwhelm is one of three core issues when you are trying to influence behaviour, along with Apathy (I can’t be bothered) and Anxiety...

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Providing information can be a selfish thing to do


Seems to me that many people think the job is done once information has been shared.

Government ‘awareness’ campaigns, corporate policy documents, consulting recommendation decks, training days…

Once you’ve informed your audience, you’ve met the brief. It’s over to them. 

No. Not good enough.

But what do you want me to do?

We keep hearing about information overload. That people are confronted by thousands of messages and make hundreds of...

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Too much detail or not enough?


Are you providing too much detail or not enough?

People say they want information, right? But what's the right level of information to share?

Behavioural expert Bri Williams shares how to approach the issue of information, including why people think they need it and why they actually do.

More about Just Do This: www.briwilliams.com/about-just-do-this

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