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Zebra crossing


There’s a zebra crossing that runs between my two local supermarkets.

To use it, people have to go out of their way about 10 metres.

Instead, a majority run the gauntlet, crossing the busy and chaotic road at a more convenient point.

People on walking frames. People with shopping bags. People with pets and children. Me.

We’re willing to sacrifice safety for convenience. 

What’s the trade you are asking people to make?

  When it comes to your processes...

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Don't format a web link like this


Are you making a simple formatting mistake that stops people clicking?

How you format a web link in your emails needs to change according to the relationship you have with the recipient.

If they know you, it’s fine to hyperlink.

If they don’t know you, don’t hyperlink.

For example, because you know me, I can hyperlink like this.

But when I am sending information to a new client, I instead provide the web URL address like this: www.briwillia

How you...

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Wrapping paper


Very young kids are just as happy with the wrapping paper as they are the present.

Sometimes with customers, we think it’s about the present but it’s really the wrapping. 

Because the present can’t ever really live up to expectations. Software has bugs. Training has flat spots. Clothes wrinkle.

But how people feel about us?

That lives on.


See: Influencing Action 


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7 words you should use more often

There are seven words I guarantee you, your customers, and your boss will love. 

There is nothing you need to do.

Here's an example.

A few weeks ago I received an email from my website host Kajabi.


"Hello Bri,


You may have heard about the new email requirements for bulk senders starting February 4, 2024. Yahoo and Gmail have separately announced updated requirements to deliver email to their platforms. Their goal is to better secure customers' inboxes and provide an...

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Effective emails

comms copywriting cx edms emails Sep 14, 2023

We waste a lot of time writing emails that get ignored, or worse, provoke an unintended response.

So here's how to write emails that work:

First ask, is the news you are sharing with your customer good news or bad news for them?

If it is good news, the tone can be upbeat and positive. If it is bad news, you’ll need to tread more carefully.

Then ask, what do you want them to do as a result of reading your email? Do you want them to do something (action required) or do nothing (no action...

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Optimising customer reviews


Optimising customer reviews means paying attention to how people express themselves, not just what they express.

It's not only how many stars a customer gives you that can make a difference, it's whether they use past or present tense to describe their experience.

Access Just Do This: www.briwilliams.com/about-just-do-this

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