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Baby birds


Baby birds open their beaks for two reasons. 

They trust their parent and it’s worth it. They get fed.

Customers and colleagues open your emails for the same reasons.



See: The Little Book of Letters and Emails

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My word for the year is different.

Or to put it a better way, different is my word for the year.

It’s been remarkably clarifying.

From taking a different path when walking the dog to changing parts of my website and taking on different projects, reminding myself to be ‘different’ has been powerful.

It’s helped me unshackle from my status quo.

I’m even writing differently. Have you noticed?

Looser. More conversational.

And in the spirit of that, I’m...

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The 60% employee


You already know there are employees you are not getting the best out of.

What may surprise you is it’s not the lazy ones. It’s not the shirkers. The ‘all talk no walk’ types. You probably have a plan for them, or you should.

No, I’m talking about those conscientious, hard working members of your organisation that are doing good work, but they could be doing GREAT work. 

  These are your 60% employees.

I know this because I was a 60%...

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What people pay attention to


I was updating my LinkedIn profile and was given the option for AI to rewrite it.

You’ve probably seen these AI integrations across a number of different platforms?

And to my delight, AI did an excellent job.

It covered all bases and flowed really nicely. (You can read for yourself it at the bottom of this post).

So I pressed publish.

But then I started to wonder, what is the point of my profile?

What am I trying to communicate BEYOND the words?

Because there were two problems...

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7 words you should use more often

There are seven words I guarantee you, your customers, and your boss will love. 

There is nothing you need to do.

Here's an example.

A few weeks ago I received an email from my website host Kajabi.


"Hello Bri,


You may have heard about the new email requirements for bulk senders starting February 4, 2024. Yahoo and Gmail have separately announced updated requirements to deliver email to their platforms. Their goal is to better secure customers' inboxes and provide an...

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Surely this only works on idiots?

Surprisingly, this is the type of comment I love.

"Surely this only works on idiots?" 

The comment was in response to a clip I'd posted about how decimals and commas elongate a number.

For example:





In the clip I show an ad promoting a $50k cash giveaway and make the point that it would have been more impressive (though less poetic) had they used $50,000.00.

It's known as Magnitude Representation (Coulter, Choi and Munroe, 2011).

So why...

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Change management Vs. Behaviour change

Change management isn’t really about behaviour.

Back when I worked in corporate, we'd have rounds of Change Management.

Yes, that's Change Management with a capital C and M.

Because Change Management was a program of work. A process to shepherd the workforce from one system to another. This could be new software, new policies or a new management methodology.

That means it's about changing behaviour, right?

We participated in hours of briefings and brain storms to ensure we were engaged,...

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Five burning issues


Five emerging issues that small business owners are struggling with right now?

That’s what I asked ChatGPT.

The unsurprising result?

It came back with issues that are NOT in fact emerging. They’re not new. They are not of this time, specifically.

And that’s because not as much changes as we think. 

The fundamentals of running a business stay the same.

So, what were the five issues ChatGPT listed?

  1. Financial management - being able to manage cash flow and budget
  2. ...
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How to engage your audience


Want to know the secrets of great presentations?

Whether you're on stage or in the audience, there are two things great presenters do.

They make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

In this video I'm going to take you through the four questions that will help engage and move your audience:

  1. What are the existing assumptions your audience has?
  2. How can you flip this?
  3. What do you want them to do differently?
  4. How can you make this new action familiar?
  5. ...
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The science of effective Lead Magnets


Should you require people to provide an email so they can download a brochure from your website?

In this video behavioural expert Bri Williams shares the pros and cons for requiring an email from your customer, and how to do it well.

More about Just Do This: www.briwilliams.com/about-just-do-this

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